Mukhopadhyay, (2010). "Measuring Child Undernutrition in India and Assessing Socio-Economic Inequality in it Using the Mean of Squared Deprivation Gaps " Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

Drawing on the literature on poverty measurement, we suggest the application of the mean of squared deprivation gaps (MSDG), which captures the dimensions of level, depth and severity, as an alternative index of undernutrition. However, the intuitive interpretation of the index substantially differs when it is applied to measure nutritional deprivation. While in the context of poverty it captures the feeling of relative deprivation of the poor, with respect to undernutrition it is justified by the greater physiological risks associated with higher levels of undernutrition. Applying the subgroup consistency feature of the MSDG, we have used the relative share of each wealth quintile in total MSDG to calculate the concentration index of undernutrition among children in each of the major states of India. We find that states perform differently with respect to socioeconomic inequality in the level of nutritional status and that in the multidimensional notion of undernutrition. It may so happen that socioeconomic inequality in the level of undernutrition is abated but that in undernutrition as a multidimensional concept (bringing into consideration its depth and severity as well) increases. The scenario of child underweight in Karnataka, Gujarat, Haryana and Chhattisgarh depict such a situation.