Maximising the Development Outcomes of Migration: A Policy Perspective

Chappell , Laura, and Alex Glennie (2009). "Maximising the Development Outcomes of Migration: A Policy Perspective" United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Reports Research Paper 2009/11 United Nations Development Programme pp. 1-40

It is becoming increasingly clear that migration can have important impacts upon development. As a result, policymakers are searching for ways to increase migration’s developmental benefits, and decrease its costs. This paper examines the levers at their disposal. We recognise the importance of the policy instruments which receive the most attention – migration policy (especially rules about entry and exit) and development policy (in particular migration’s place in national development strategies and donor cooperation policies). However, we suggest that to maximise benefits and minimise costs, policy thinking must be broadened and made more coherent. We set out in a systematic manner the ways in which migration impacts upon development. We then analyse how the process of migration and development creates those impacts, and suggest where policy can intervene in the process to improve outcomes. We illustrate our analysis with a number of policy case studies
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