BISHOKARMA, NIRMAL KUMAR, and SAGAR RAJ SHARMA (2012). "Intra-family food entitlement: gender dimensions of capability deprivation in resource scarce areas in far-western region of Nepal." Paper presented at the 9th annual conference of the HDCA, 5-7 September 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia.

In spite of being the principal producers of food, women in resource scarce areas, are often forced to suffer from malnutrition and hunger. The finding from the study in the far-western region of Nepal shows that institutions exert rigidly to create inequalities between men and women, depriving women’s basic capabilities to acquire food available at home and elsewhere . The result shows that the institutions of patri-locality, patri-lineaty, patriarchal inheritance law, the cultural norms, credit institution, and seasonal migration are responsible for unequal resource endowments and exchange relationships between them grounding her entitlement failure to produce and access food she prioritize. The types of family, kin structure, and power relation, practices of eating last and left over limit the choice of women in quality and quantity of food available in households. At the same time, above mentioned institutions promote disproportionate opportunities of education, health care, employment, and socio-political networks undermining her certain functioning in market and food support mechanism. Therefore, the paper recommends that there is need of women focus production and exchange inputs which widen their opportunities and functioning in the condition of resource scarcity.