Innovation in Promoting Citizens' Capabilities: Casting Youth Preferences

Hordijk, Michaela (2011). "Innovation in Promoting Citizens' Capabilities: Casting Youth Preferences" Paper presented at the 8th annual conference of the HDCA, 6-8 September 2011, the Hague, the Netherlands.

Decades of Habitat studies have documented how the poor migrated to the cities with the hope to obtain a better living. This has documented how the urban poor organize to access land, housing and basic services through collective action. More recently some studies appeared systematizing to what extent these efforts have yielded fruit, whether these urban poor have been able to acquire and improve their housing, establish a foothold in the city. This paper analyses the situation of the first and second generation of invaders in Lima. It is based on a longitudinal study (mixed methods), and applies a life-cycle aware analysis of two central capabilities of the respondents, housing and environment, and education. This paper illustrates intergenerational transfer of capabilities. It also shows how for this particular Limenean second generation in this particular moment in time their own capabilities are still very much embedded in the combined capabilities of their parents. Our findings confirm the need for a life-cycle aware capability analysis. It however also highlights that we need to innovate our research agenda, more attuned to the needs of this new generation of Latin American citizens.
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