Human Rigths and Capabilities: A Bridge Towards Social Inclusion

Camlot Reicher, Stella (2009). "Human Rigths and Capabilities: A Bridge Towards Social Inclusion" Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

As Hannah Arendt says, is through the process of understanding that we become adjusted and 3 reconciled with reality, that is, we try to feel well in the world." So, in a moment where geographical boundaries are no more obstacles to the construction of a global citizenship, progress in terms of human rights requires understanding their new contours. After the Second World War, human rights became the only ethical paradigm able to reestablish a reasonable logic when human beings value was forgotten. A bound effort was established between nations in order to develop a new ethos based on human rights and States were lead to think about international mechanisms to avoid the repetition of crimes against humanity. The international human rights era was started and human rights contemporary conception, based on the ideas of universality, indivisibility and interdependency, was formally recognized by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, allowing rights protection to transcend domestic jurisdiction reaching a global dimension and stressing the idea that all human beings are human rights holders. Even though last year the Universal Declaration celebrated its 60th anniversary, human rights still faces several challenges such as the recognition of equal value for civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights and human rights interpretation that still request a closer analysis. For understanding human rights we must take into account that to guarantee such rights it is necessary to go beyond the legal texts that apparently protect all human beings. It shall be understood that the meaning of “to be entitled to” involves besides the legal provisions, the possibility of each and every person to put such rights into practice, according to their own will in view of flourishing as a free human being.
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