Randriamiandrisoa, Jossie, and Isabelle Droy (2010). "How do gender inequalities in land entitlements lead to inequality in the capability to answer to family needs for food?" Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

This article aims at exploring the link between entitlement and capability by focusing on the entitlements of individuals to a particular asset, which is land, and by making the link with a specific capability, that is to answer to the family needs for food. In Madagascar, particularly in rural areas, the attachment to family land, regarded as a legacy of the ancestors is very marked. Access to land may differ depending on age, sex, rank among siblings, etc... As a result, some groups may be further harmed. Focusing on the ‘capability to provide the family food needs’, in a comparative approach between women headed households and men headed households, seems an appropriate approach to analyze the effects of gender inequalities in land entitlements. To explore these questions, we will mobilize the database of the Rural Observatories Network (ROR) related to the observatories of Manakara and Farafangana, which are located in southeast Madagascar; households headed by women account for about one quarter of the population of these observatories and gender inequalities in the access to land are presently quite serious, especially in the region of Manakara.