Household behavior and post-shock recovery in Vietnam

Tran-Quang, Van (2012). "Household behavior and post-shock recovery in Vietnam" Paper presented at the 9th annual conference of the HDCA, 5-7 September 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia.

After decades of economic growth, Vietnamese households have made good progress in improving well-being. However, many people still live on low levels of wealth and are prone to risks, especially in the context of climate change and booming economy. This paper attempts to find who are vulnerable to shocks, how they cope with such adverse events and what help them recover faster. This paper employs data collected from panel household surveys in Vietnam during 2007-10 and applies discrete-time duration model as a key method to find answer to such questions. The results show households wealth level is related to the likelihood of suffering certain types of shock. It enables households to choose coping strategy. Duration of recovery depends on loss-related shock features, external help, and household physical assets but not on human capital.
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