Gender and disaster risk management in the international and regional agenda for latin america and the caribbean

FERNÁNDEZ SAAVEDRA, Ana Gabriela (1); Dema Moreno, Sandra (2) (2018). 'GENDER AND DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE INTERNATIONAL AND REGIONAL AGENDA FOR LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018.


The proposed poster is part of the International Gender, Disasters and Risks Research Project and aims to show how the incorporation of the gender perspective in disaster risk management has taken place in the international and regional agenda for Latin America the Caribbean. To this end, several figures are presented that show, in the first place, how the frameworks of action agreed in the three world conferences for Disaster Risk Reduction have been developed up to now (Yokohama, 1994, Hyogo, 2005 and Sendai, 2015) incorporate the gender perspective.
Secondly, it shows whether and how the issue related to disaster risk management in the documents derived from the different World Conferences on Women (Mexico 1975, Copenhagen 1980, Nairobi 1985 and Beijing 1995), as well as in the evaluation meetings latter, carried out in New York every five years (Beijing + 5, Beijing + 10 and Beijing + 15). Moreover, this evolution includes the two recommendations issued by the Economic and Social Council on the Status of Women in the area of disaster risk management (Resolution 56/2, 2012 and Resolution 58/2, 2014). The interest of these two documents is that they are the only specific ones on disaster risk management produced in the international women mechanisms.
Thirdly, we present the evolution of the inclusion of gender issues in the specialized documents on disaster risk management emanating from the meetings of the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean (Panama, 2009, Nayarit, 2011, Santiago de Chile, 2012, Guayaquil, 2014 and Montreal, 2017). And, finally, and also in the Latin American and Caribbean context, the forecasts about disaster risk management that appear in the consensus reached in the fourteen Regional Women's Conferences from the first one in La Habana in 1979, up to the fourteenth in Montevideo in 2016.
Place the institutional framework on disaster risk management and gender in dialogue has allowed us to examine how the treatment of disasters and risk management has evolved over time and in what form and from what conception has been incorporated the gender perspective to them.

Keywords: risk management, gender, international and regional agenda.

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