Ertl, Lukas (2009). "From “guest-worker” to millionaire? Capabilities and life biographies of the second generation of Turkish immigrants on Austrians labour market" Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

In order to answer the question how a minority of members of the second generation of people with a Turkish migration background in Austria managed to achieve occupational advancements in comparison to their parents the Capability Approach (CA) is useful and also gives insight into the current working situation of the “social climbers”. The paper attempts to expand the approach to encompass life situations in general and thus harness it for the specific topics of migration, education and labour-market. The analysis of the biographies in job and education of the second generation's part that advanced is carried out empirically through problem-centred interviews. Beside the classic topic of education, the paper also deals with the questions of networks, ideas of identity and gender-specific differences. The paper attempts to stick to the core of the approach, the capabilities, instead of measuring “only” achieved functionings. Thus, a big part of the paper is dedicated to the usefulness of qualitative methods for the CA.