Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China

Shen, Yangyang; Alkire, Sabina (2016). 'Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Tokyo 2016.

abstract This paper presents and analyses the Global MPI estimations for China using the 2012 China Family Panel Studies dataset. It explores how the Global MPI varies across rural-urban areas, across three large geographic areas, and among five provinces, as well as across populations groups such as age, household size, and gender of the household head. It also analyses the extent of difference between censored and uncensored headcount ratios. According to the global MPI, 5.5% of the Chinese population are MPI poor, and the average intensity of poverty is 40.9%. China’s Global MPI value is 0.023 – making it similar to Colombia’s MPI levels, significantly poorer than Brazil or Mexico, and much less poor than India. The paper also analyses the relationship between income poverty and multidimensional poverty in total as well as by income quintile, and finds high levels of mismatch.

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