Lang R, Kett M, Groce N and Trani JF (2011). Disability, the Capability Approach and human rights: the next steps in disability studies and practice. European Journal of Disability Research. 5(3): 206-220

The present paper examines the theories and principles upon which the Convention of the rights of people with disabilities (CRPD) are premised. It therefore demonstrates the potential value and utility that these have in extending the inherent human rights that people with disabilities, are endowed. The implementation of the CRPD is a challenge considering the complex ‘rights based’ issues involved and because disabled people have to generate the commitment from civil society and government. It is argued that there is a need to move from policy to implementation, and that this needs to be adequately monitored and evaluated. Sustainable and effective interventions will benefit by being informed, monitored and evaluated based upon the broader human rights paradigm and the capabilities approach.