Disability, Health and Human Development

Mitra, Sophie (2018). Disability, Health and Human Development. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

This book offers a new understanding of the links between disability and wellbeing. It introduces the human development model to define disability and map its links with health and wellbeing. It is based on Sen’s capability approach. This book also uses panel survey data with internationally comparable questions on disability for Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. It presents evidence on the prevalence of disability and its strong and consistent association with multidimensional poverty, mortality, economic insecurity and deprivations in education, morbidity and employment.
It shows that disability needs to be considered from multiple angles including aging, gender, health and poverty. This book concludes that disability policies are unlikely to be conducive to human development for all if they exclusively use an oppressed minority group approach and focus on barrier removal. It makes a call for inclusion and prevention interventions as solutions to the deprivations associated with impairments and health conditions.

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