Creating a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Related Development Agenda

Park, Andrew (2016). 'Creating a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Related Development Agenda' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Tokyo 2016.

abstract Vital Capabilities Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity have received increasingly positive attention in global human rights fora.  These issues have not progress similarly in the develoment arena.  This paper compares and explains this asymetric progress and proposes a capability approach which can be used to refine development priorities for sexual and gender minorities.  The first step is to define whose capabilities. Lack of clarity surrounding terms of sexual and gender minorities can confound initial discussions about development.  Several frameworks are examined.  A framework based on demographic approaches is proposed.  Having clarified the definition of the target populations, the paper reviews emperical research about sexual oreintation and gender identity development, quantiative studies concerning develoment outcomes, and frameworks to understand how stigma and prejudice can create barriers to full development.  The final section discusses criteria for choosing capabilities, the attainment of whic would support human development of sexual and gender minorities.  Those criteria are that capabilities be aligned to the development needs vital to sexual and gender minorities, that they not duplicate already articulated lists of capabilities or development priorities which apply to the general popultaion, and that they be stated at in ideal level of generality so that they can be further refined in the context of particular cultures and political situations.  The paper concludes that three capabilities, 1) to formulate one's identity, 2) to express one's identity, and 3) to relate to others, and vital to the development of sexual and gender minorities.  

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