Construction of a new indicator of development for the African countries

Ignace, Kamga Tchwaket, Sorel Chomteu Kouam, and Adolphe Freddy Eloundou (2010). "Construction of a new indicator of development for the African countries" Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

Since the Second World War, the economic growth to characterize the development was dreaded by the international community through a certain number of indicators. And so the GDP was used for a long time as the reference but considering the fact that this indicator does not take into account certain aspects of the development such as the well-being and the sustainable development, the UNDP proposed another indicator, the Human Development Index (HDI). Africa, the poorest continent of the world presents certain number of peculiarities which are not totally taken into account by the various indicators of development which were elaborated until now. This report biases a little the vision of the development which we can have of Africa. So, according to the indicator GDP by head it would seem that in 2005, Equatorial Guinea is the country the most developed in Africa, in front of Libya, South Africa and Nigeria. The HDI came a little to improve the measure of the development in particular in Africa. However it does not take into account all the aspects relative to the development of the African continent. In fact, the HDI does not include a very important dimension which is the one of the insertion of the populations in the active life. So, leaving of this report we elaborated a new indicator of development for Africa. This indicator, which we named Human Development Indicator for Africa (HDIA) was obtained by adding to the HDI the dimension occupational integration which we measure with an indicator of insertion calculated from the widened unemployment rate. The results obtained by simulations on some African countries were very decisive. Certain countries as Lesotho, the Burkina Faso saw their HDIA decreasing with regard to the HDI because of an indicator of very low insertion. This report is very relevant because it allows to notice that there is numerous efforts of insertion to be made in the country to move on the path of the development. We also noticed that certain countries saw rather their HDIA increasing with regard to the HDI. It allows to notice that the country was on a good path of struggle against poverty, but efforts should be realized in connection with the level of the HDIA.
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