Collective capabilities and participatory environmental governance in a changing world

Pelenc, Jérôme (2018). 'Collective Capabilities and participatory environmental governance in a changing world' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018.


The goal of this panel is to demonstrate the relevance of the concepts of collective capability and collective agency to better understand and operationalize environmental participatory governance. In addition, this panel aims to strengthen, within the HDCA community, the operationalization of the concept of collective capability through a diversity of innovative methodologies (grounded theory, participatory planning, role playing game, mix between quantitative and qualitative methods, etc.) in the context of environmental governance.

By bringing together different fieldworks from the global North and South and different innovative methodologies, the three papers of this panel will strengthen the link between the concepts of collective capabilities and environmental governance and thus between these two communities. More largely, it will pave the way to demonstrate the usefulness of the capability approach for tackling issue of participatory environmental governance.

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