Changing lives of tribal youth of Gujarat through Value Education (Nachiketa Module) at VIVEC

Parekh, Bhargavkumar Chandulal (2016). 'Changing lives of tribal youth of Gujarat through Value Education (Nachiketa Module) at VIVEC' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Tokyo 2016.

abstract Vivekanand Institute of Vocational and Entrepreneurial Competence (VIVEC) is vocational training centre. At VIVEC, tribal youths are being trained for various kinds of vocational trades and make them exploitation free by leveraging their livelihood opportunity. These tribal youth are coming from the different geographic area of Gujarat, from most remote and most under developed forests areas. VIVEC is offering residential program with hostel facility under vocational training through skill development. In span of 5 years VIVEC has trained more than 2500 tribal youth and have made them employable and has changes their way of life through Nachiketa Module. Tribal Population Context in Gujarat: About 14.8% (89.7 Lakhs) Gujarat’s population consist of Scheduled Tribes (8.1% of the country).  As per the 2001 census literacy rate in tribal population was 48% compared to 67% for the state and over and above 38% of poor families of the state belongs to the ST Category. This census indicated that tribal population requires special attention. Need of Skill Development in India: On the other hand, India is expected to grow at the rate of 8% over the next 10 years and is moving progressively towards becoming a 'Knowledge economy'.  For India, it is critical to accommodate evolving growth/ trends to be responsive to the constantly changing dynamics of the economy. With the purpose of converting challenge of special need of tribal population in opportunity of trained man power and to provide employment oriented skill training VIVEC was established. Importance of Value Education at VIVEC: The whole enterprise of education is inextricably linked with the development of values. Devoid of the responsibility to nurture values, education institutes losses its heart and soul. No one who attempts to depict the spirit of age in which we live can possibly overlook the importance of education for values. Peace and security are facing new challenges that could have negative implications if we do not address them positively.  At VIVEC, value education is of utmost importance. VIVEC is not only preparing tribal youth for vocational skills but also character building  as s part of curriculum under Nachiketa Module, which is making VIVEC unique vocational training centre. Nachiketa Module for Value Education: Swami Vivekananda once has said that “Give me hundred Nachiketa, than I shall change the world!” Nachiketa is symbol of strength, revolution and of optimism. Nachiketa is true Indian Hero...inspiring hundreds of thousand life since ever!! The Upanishad (Indian scripture) hero ‘Nachiketa’ has been taken as a role model for the tribal youth. Nachiketa is ever relevant. Nachiketa’s character in the story, is strongly promoting eternal values like love for the truth and readyness to pay any prise for the truth, fearlessness, determination and compassion to serve the fellow human brothers with divine knowledge. All different kind of Nachiketa module activities are aiming for holistic development of youth through teaching of “Life Values” & training of “Life Skills”. Various initiatives under Nachiketa are facilitating the process of realisation of true nature and exploring tremendous potential of human being. It covers 30 different topics related to life skills, life values and personal growth. Impact Created through Nachiketa in tribal youth: It has been observed that Nachiekta creates drastic transformation in the personality of the youth. Beginning from their thinking ability to applying varied life skills based on eternal life values in their life is seen in number of tribal youth. Poster Presentation about Nachiketa: The poster will include case studies of tribal youth who have experienced transformation and also subjects covered under Nachiketa Module and methodology of its implementation.

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