Majumder, Amlan (2010). "Capability, Functioning and Reproductive Choice: an analysis of Reproductive Freedom in Jordan" Paper presented at the 7th annual conference of the HDCA, 21-23 September 2010, Amman, Jordan.

The objective of the paper is to present an analysis on fertility preferences from the perspective of reproductive freedom within the framework of Capability Approach. We have recognised the changes in the world-view on reproductive life recognising freedom of choice in matters of reproduction and contrasted capabilities of a mother on her perception on ideal number of children with those of functioning achievements or actual reproductive performance to define reproductive freedom and adopted a matrix representation of the problem exploring quadruplicate possibilities. We have tried to understand implications of those and realised that different sections of mothers in Jordan with different background characteristics are exposed to different conditions and warrant different set of policies or attention. The study utilises data from Demographic Health Survey (DHS).