Nieto, Paloma Bellatin, and Ismael Muñoz Portugal (2012). "A step towards development and freedom for the Peruvian rural highlands: the case of Sierra Productiva" Paper presented at the 9th annual conference of the HDCA, 5-7 September 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Traditionally, development in a country has been measured and evaluated by its economic performance. Peru has been a beacon for economic growth and stability in the region, for the past ten years. Yet Peru has suffered constant social and political conflicts with violent results. Although economic development is on its rise, development as freedom has not yet been achieved and Peru has large horizontal (Stewart) and vertical inequalities in political, economic, cultural and social dimensions, which provides a breeding ground for conflict. This paper assesses rural development through the study case of the NGO Sierra Productiva in the Peruvian highlands. The central conclusion is that Sierra Productiva develops capabilities in every one of these dimensions directly or indirectly, and produces empowerment. This empowerment leads to the reduction of horizontal inequalities and the possibility of sustainable rural development. We resume our argument in the Graph bellow: