Sobhie, Rosita (2017). 'A Multi-dimensional Poverty Index for Suriname, taking regional disparities into account' Paper presented at the annual conference of the HDCA, Cape Town 2017.


This paper presents the construct of a national multi-dimensional poverty index (NMDPI) for Suriname based on the Alkire –Forster method, using the frame work of capability approach. Prior findings of the income and material deprivation measures for Suriname regarding disparities at regional level  and inequalities between ethnic groups are taken into account and incorporated in the index. For the NMDPI the choice of dimensions at national level occurs through a first round selection at regional level, using the MICS2010 and the Census 2012 country data. The national index is a composite index of the regions, using different weights for each region. The main findings are that the interior contributes relatively more  to the overall index , followed by the urban  region. The inequality between regions is revealed by the selected  indicators. The indicators  in the interior are strongly related to basic human needs as access to education , health an d clean drinking water , while for the urban area living conditions as housing, overcrowding , sanitation and household durables are major issues. Comparisons between ethnic groups , shows that compared to Creoles, Maroons (descandents of African slaves) have the highest risk of poverty in each region and also at national level.

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