Morote Ríos, Roxanna (2009). "A methodological approach to do research on tertimonios of female social leaders of Peru: experience, reflexivity, intersubjectivity, intersectionality and the other’s knowledge " Paper presented at the 6th annual conference of the HDCA, 10-12 September 2009, Lima, Peru.

This study suggests a methodological framework to do feminist and semiotic research on female social leader’s testimonios. The key concepts are experience, reflexivity, intersubjectivity, intersectionality and the Other’s knowledge. The theoretical framework is based on postcolonial and feminist theories as well as on psychoanalytic theory. The analysis of forty life testimonios show that female social leaders represent their identities, national belongings, postcolonial condition and ideas of truth, fact and experience in a particular way. Latin American female narratives destabilize canonical understandings of the subject through their representations of the self, the Others and the symbolic and real bonds created between them. Therefore, it is needed a methodological an ethic framework to analyze women’s self-representations and the representations of their personal empowerment. This framework was constructed in order to answer the following central questions: How can Peruvian women’s self-representation be characterized and analyzed through their testimonial life narratives? And, how do they represent their sources of empowerment? In order to answer these questions I acknowledge women’s experience as a privileged source of knowledge which has to be criticized in terms of the context and history; reflexivity as a hermeneutic tool to locate the researcher throughout the research process; empathy and intersubjectivity as a tools based on reason and emotion and also on the imaginary encounter of the subjects; the intersectional dialogue of diverse categories of analysis and the located comprehension of those categories; and finally, the relevance of the Other’s knowledge as an analytic and ethic principle not exempt of controversy.