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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. Latin American Network: Introduction

    …ionados ao desenvolvimento humano são as principais atividades da rede HDCA-LA . Embora se recomende fortemente que os colegas interessados ​​neste grupo se filiem ao HDCA, é possível  participar da lista de discussão do HDCA-LA sem que uma associação ativa ao HDCA seja necessária.  No entanto, o acesso aos recursos importantes do HDCA, como o Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, encontra-se disponível apenas àqueles com afiliações ativa…

  2. JHDC Special Issue Call for Papers – Communities and Capabilities

    …election outcome after submission of the manuscript to an anonymous peer review process, and if the paper is selected. Complete instructions for authors can be found at the publisher’s website: The deadline for submissions is November 7, 2016. For inquiries, please contact Graciela Tonon  …

  3. Webinar Discussion: Democratising Measurement: A Case Study from Well-Being Public Policy.

    …asurement-a-case-study-from-well-being-public-policy-tickets-147848084601# — 2021 Webinar Series: Multidimensional Well-Being: Concepts, Measurement, & Application April – July 2021 The webinar series brings together and into conversation established scholars, junior researchers, and practitioners working to conceptualise, measure, and improve multidimensional well-being. It addresses and allows for discussion regarding both long-standing and co…

  4. The right to science | UN general comment | Ideas for collaboration

    …n of the respective Index (here: ). The current pandemic is giving us additional impulse to promote a more visible and prominent debate on the ‘right to science’ as human right: a right that, we feel, matters today possibly more than it did so far. The link between this right and human development is self-evident I think – and as such it is explicitly mentioned on our website…

  5. Call for Papers: ASAUK Biennial Conference, University of Birmingham

    …to the conference organisers. The deadline for submissions is 16 February 2018. Stream organisers are responsible for organising at least two thematically linked panels, with a panel normally consisting of a minimum of three paper presenters and one chair. They are also expected to respond to proposals from colleagues who wish to contribute panels or individual papers to their stream. A…

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