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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

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  1. Just Published: Human Development in Times of Crisis Renegotiating Social Justice Editors: Otto, H.-U., Pantazis, S., Ziegler, H., Potsi, A. (Eds.) This book examines human development in times of crisis, and its effect on social justice and democracy, with a focus on the delay in developmental progress caused by the ‘Great Recession’, the worst economic crisis in decades. The book places particular focus on policies of human development. It scrutinizes the philosophical…

  2. National seminar “Actuality of the capability approach in Europe and sustainability scenarios”

    …heres, whose removal would make life unworthy of human dignity. Culture of sustainability and Education are therefore the same thing. Educational processes should be oriented towards the formation of a civil awareness and towards the need to counter the causes of poverty, hunger and illiteracy. The contributions of the numerous speakers will be published in the volume “Pedagogical and Educational Dimensions of the Capability Approach” published by…

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