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Resource guide on homelessness and poverty among students in the U.S.

Published by Tulane University

Having food to eat and a place to sleep are simple things that most of us take for granted. Yet in the US, over half a million individuals experience homelessness on a given night—the equivalent of nearly 17 out of every 10,000 people in the general population. Though various government programs and the work of nonprofit organizations have helped decrease national homelessness during the past decade, some states have seen an increase.

While poverty and homelessness affect individuals of all ages and ethnicities, students are especially impacted. More than a third of university students struggle to avoid hunger and lack stable housing. From elementary school to college, students are expected to meet academic standards that are designed to prepare them for successful futures and careers. But for those struggling with homelessness and poverty, focusing on homework and studying is extremely difficult. This guide includes links to resources and support for students who may be experiencing food insecurity, living in poverty, or lacking stable housing.

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