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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

HDCA preconference event: Measuring Capabilities in Educational Contexts

This morning (10 am-12 pm) workshop, which takes place on August 31 at Hitotsubashi University, will explore measurement of capabilities using different methodological approaches. In order to do this, we will present a case-study of intercultural education in a higher education environment where potential expansion of capabilities might be happening. We will then split into three groups, with each discussing how capability measurement can be carried out from the following perspectives: a) quantitative,  b) qualitative, and c) participatory, trying to underline strengths and weakness of each. To conclude, we will have a plenary discussion on how the three approaches can be used / complement each other in order to arrive at a detailed picture of capabilities enhancement.  There is also an optional afternoon (2-4 pm) visit to the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) in Waseda university to discuss internationalisation and diversity in HE settings in Japan.
For more information and to sign up, please contact the workshop organisers, Sandra Boni < > and Veronica Crosbie <> by Friday 26th August at the latest.

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