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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

HDCA Launches New Website

logo-greenThe HDCA launched its new website on September 10 at the association's annual conference in Nicaragua. Many thanks to Ilse Oosterlaken, HDCA Officer-at-Large, who spearheaded the project!

The revamped website features a more modern design, a new logo, and easier navigation. We hope that the site will encourage more active contributions on the part of members, including news items, events and publications. The site now offers more information and materials on the capabilities approach, and we will continue to expand these resources in the months to come.

There is still work to be done to transfer all the information from the old site to the new and add some finishing touches.  We appreciate your understanding and patience while we complete the work and address the inevitable minor glitches.

Meanwhile, we'd love to get your feedback - what works well and what could be improved? Do you have ideas for additional features and functions? Please send your comments and suggestions to HDCA Administrator Kathy Rosenblum at



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