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CFP: Journal of Global Ethics: Global Ethics Forum Call for reflections

Special sections are planned for forthcoming issues 20:1, 20:2 and 20:3

Issue 20:1 – submissions due 15 January, 2024

Issue 20:2 – submissions due 15 May

Issue 20:3 – submissions due 15 September

For the twentieth anniversary year of Journal of Global Ethics, the journal editors solicit brief articles concerning the future directions of the !elds of global ethics, global justice, and development ethics, and reflections upon critical challenges that may reshape these fields. This call follows the model used for the tenth anniversary year of the journal, which led to three special sections that appeared in Volume 10, 2014, issues 1, 2 and 3. We anticipate that this invitation will draw focused and topical reflections regarding the current state and possibilities for the evolution of these fields. This call is an opportunity for practitioners and academics to write very directly to bring the attention of colleagues to speci!c areas in which you would wish to see work accomplished in theory, in research and in action. Further elaboration on this call for submissions is presented in the Editorial for issue 19:2 (August 2023).

We consider this section of offerings to be a forum, rather than a space of traditional peer review: consistent with the Editors’ judgment concerning the suitability of each submission, we expect to publish all Forum offerings that we find to be cogent. Our request is for a comment of between 1000 and 4000 words. Please also provide an abstract of 100 words or fewer and a list of at most five keywords. Submit material to the journal’s editing system by the usual article submission process, selecting submission type ‘review’, rather than ‘research article’, and indicating ‘Global Ethics Forum’ at the ‘special issue’ prompt within the submission process.

Journal of Global Ethics is the main affiliate journal of the International Development Ethics Association, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary in 2024. We anticipate that some submissions will specifically feature development-related themes, and we ask that contributors focused on those themes note the 15 May deadline, so that we may feature such material within the second issue.

Vandra Harris Agisilaou, Des Gasper, Lori Keleher, Christine Koggel, Eric Palmer, Tom Wells

Editors, Journal of Global Ethics

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