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call for reviewers for the submitted papers tackling multidimensional poverty

Dear members
As some of you may know, a few months ago there was a call for papers for the Special Issue: Social Problems in Latin America: a view from the Capability Approach (
Now, the journal needs some assistance with finding reviewers for the submitted papers. One of the papers is in the theme of Multidimensional Poverty (abstract attached below). Hence, we would like to ask you kindly for your help and support in this process. The deadline to indicate your interest in participating as peer review is on Thursday, December 12.
Those of you who volunteer will receive a formal invitation for reviewing from the journal indicating the key dates and actions (approximately, for the actual review, you would have about 2.5 months to submit)
Best and thank you for your support!

TITLE: Overcoming Poverty in Multidimensional Poverty Interventions through Self-assessment and Mentoring

A microfinance organization in Paraguay has developed the “Poverty Stoplight”, a tool that allow families to self-evaluate their level of multidimensional poverty and start an integrated mentoring process that has the goal of eliminating the family’s multidimensional poverty based on what participants value the most. This paper a) introduces the tool as both a multidimensional metric and a methodology for poverty intervention, b) explains its theoretical merits based on the Capability Approach, and c) presents empirical data from on ongoing research project that indicate that participation in the program is indeed associated with a higher probability of overcoming multidimensional poverty.

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