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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Call for Proposals for a panel on “Children’s and Youth’s Capabilities” at HDCA Conference in Tokyo

This year, the thematic group “Children and Youth Capabilities” aims to organize a panel within the Conference “Capability and Diversity in Global Society” by bringing together papers that address the issue of children and youth’s capabilities. We invite papers that contribute to an elaborated understanding of the following issues related to children: intersectionality, vulnerable children, theoretical and empirical operationalisation through quantitative and qualitative methodologies, ethics of research with children, nutrition and child’s growth. Both academicians and practitioners are welcomed to apply.

Please note that only four papers will be selected for the panel based on quality and coherence and that who is not selected can apply to the conference separately as individual before the 15th of February.

Please note also that the standards for evaluating panels will be the same as ‘senior paper’ sessions. Therefore, even if the panel will be refereed positively still the paper proposal can be rejected by the scientific committee of the HDCA conference. This is done in order to assure quality and coherence.

The deadline for sending proposals (250 words as a word file) to and is February, 10th, 2016.

The information on the acceptance of the paper for the panel will be communicated on the 13th of February, while the information on the acceptance of the panel session will be communicated before the end of April.

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