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Racism and Ill-Being

In this webinar, Professor Crain Soudien, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town and a long-standing researcher in the field of racism and education takes us through some of the conceptual issues in thinking about racism. Following his presentation, are reflections from Mikateko Mathebula, Faith Mkwananzi, Oliver Mutanga, Daizy Nalwamba, and Melanie Walker. Their insights will contribute to our understanding of the complex ways in which systemic racism influences our work.

HDCA Webinar 2023 HDCA Videos
103 minutes

Plenary 3: Panel Discussion: Sustainable Development through Evidence-Based and Collaborative Policymaking: The Case of Removing Financial Barriers to Early Education in Bulgaria Discussion

Keynote Speaker: Joost De Laat
Professor of Economics and Director, Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges, The Netherlands

Chair: Eugenia Volen
Director, Early Learning and Care Program, Trust for Social Achievement

Denitsa Sacheva, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Labour, Social and Demographic Policy, National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria
Deyan Kolev, Chairman, AMALIPE Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance

HDCA Conference 2023
72 minutes

Plenary 8: Panel Discussion: Old and New Vulnerabilities at Work: Workplace Inclusion and Innovation on Whose Terms?

Chair panelist: Ursula Holtgrewe
Head of the Work and Equal Opportunities Unit, Centre for Social Innovation GmbH (ZSI), Vienna, Austria

Steven Dhondt, Researcher at TNO and visiting professor at KU Leuven Belgium
Karina Angelieva, Head of the Political Cabinet, Ministry of Energy, Bulgaria
Zaakhir Asmal, Research Officer at the Development Policy Research Unit, School of Economics, University of Cape Town, South Africa

HDCA Conference 2023 HDCA Videos
69 minutes
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