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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network

NEW! Click here to watch the first in a series of video conversations with HDCA Fellows speaking about how they first came across the Capability Approach and how it has informed their research and careers. Advice to early career researchers included!

The overall purpose of Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network (ECRPN) is:

To facilitate a community that supports early career members in their research and transition from their stage as a student towards a professional phase of their career, and to also foster exchange and integrate practitioner’s knowledge and experience.


  • Offer a platform where members can develop and achieve their capabilities as growing researchers and practitioners in capabilities work.
  • Build a space and coordinate activities to share knowledge and experience, and collaborate across disciplines in research, and cross-sectorally with practitioners.
  • Organize events aimed at advancing research and skills development.
  • Events fostering practitioner interactions.
  • Coordinate support and build community amongst the early career scholars and practitioners. Stimulate interaction between established HDCA scholars and early career scholars.
  • Strengthen the interchanges between members, practitioners and established scholars in capabilities work.


  • Online co-writing pomodoro session on Jitsi.
  • Webinars covering advice and shared experiences for early career research, including topics on skills and professional development, meet-the-editors/meet-the-practitioners sessions, writing in English for non-native English scholars etc.
  • Mentorship program stimulating interaction between Established and Early Career HDCA scholars.
  • Panel presentations and Meetup during HDCA conferences
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