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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Special issue ‘Information Technology for Development’ on CA

The journal 'Information Technology for Development' has just published a special issue on the capability approach. It contains 6 articles, some of them written by members of our thematic group. The articles are:

  • Development as freedom; how the Capability Approach can be used in ICT4D research and practice (editorial) - Annika Andersson, Åke Grönlund & Gudrun Wicander
  • Building collective capabilities through ICT in a mountain region of Nepal: where social capital leads to collective action - Devinder Thapa, Maung K. Sein & Øystein Sæbø
  • The capability approach as a tool for development evaluation; analyzing students’ use of internet resources - Mathias Hatakka & Jenny Lagsten
  • Signifiers of the life we value? Considering human development, technologies and Fair Trade from the perspective of the capabilities approach - Dorothea Kleine, Ann Light & Maria-José Montero
  • Capable and convivial design (CCD): a framework for designing information and communication technologies for human development - Aditya Johri & Joyojeet Pal

See for the full issue. Enjoy!

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