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New book: Living with Energy Poverty: Perspectives from the Global North and South

The new book, Living with Energy Poverty: Perspectives from the Global North and South aims to expand our collective understanding of energy poverty and deepen our recognition of this phenomenon by engaging with the lived experiences of energy-poor households in various contexts. By gaining this new awareness, we can develop essential components for designing effective strategies to alleviate this deep-rooted, multi-faceted, and complex problem.

Bringing together the expertise and perspectives of 49 authors from both the Global South and North, this book offers innovative approaches to comprehend the often hidden forms of domestic energy deprivation. Case studies from 20 countries provide critical perspectives on this phenomenon while analysing the policy practices, government strategy, and sustainability implications of divergent manifestations. By adopting a multidimensional perspective, the book challenges the existing bias towards energy production and service provision, which often fail to align with the realities and aspirations of energy households worldwide. As a result, it facilitates a meaningful dialogue on the true nature of energy poverty.

This book can serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, practitioners, and scholars who seek fresh and diverse insights into the everyday reality of energy poverty. It provides a better understanding of the challenges posed by a people-centred, just energy transition.

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