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NEW Book: Exploring the Multidimensional Aspects of Open Knowledge: Philosophical Foundations, Educational Innovations, and Scientific Research

The main thesis of the document is the exploration of the various dimensions of open knowledge, addressing topics such as philosophical foundations, educational innovations, and scientific research related to this concept. It discusses the democratization of knowledge through openness and accessibility in scientific communication, highlighting the benefits and challenges of preprints in the Mexican context. The importance of careful management to maximize the positive contributions of preprints to science and society in Mexico is emphasized. Additionally, the relationship between traditional publishing processes and preprints is examined, highlighting improvements in access, equity, and transparency in the dissemination of scientific knowledge. A measured strategy is suggested to effectively incorporate preprints into Mexico's scientific framework, with the goal of enriching a more equitable, transparent, and vibrant scientific community. The document also addresses the emergence, justification, and defense of preprint publications in Mexico, integrating legal, ethical, philosophical, and scientific dimensions. Furthermore, references to relevant research and publications in the field of open knowledge are provided, underlining the importance of knowledge democratization in various educational and social contexts.

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