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The Economy of Francesco School – 2021

Rethinking Economics starting from the Commons

The Economy of Francesco School is an online advanced training course on the topics of the Economy of Francesco. Guests of the EoF school will be outstanding persons from academia, the world of business and society. Each speaker will be followed by a respondent chosen among the young participants of the Economy of Francesco.

What would happen if the courses of Economics taught in the Universities focused their attention on the topics of the commons rather than on private goods? What if the formers become the main object of study and the latter the exception for the economic science? What if the social business, rather than being considered a ‘hybrid’ form of business, becomes the normal approach, and the ethical and green finance rules over the financial sector? Is it possible to move away from the primacy of the consumers to the preeminence of ethical consumers who expresses with their daily choices their preferences for an inclusive, sustainable and workers-friendly economic system?

Today, in fact, we have a new certainty: when it comes to the safeguard and custody of the Earth, to commons and relational goods, capitalism does not work. Its rationality based on the search for individual well-being does not know how take care of the planet, of the goods and of human relationships. If we continuously feel that we are owners and masters of the Earth we will only continue to destroy them. The sooner we learn how to use those goods without owning them, the better we become custodians of our only Earth.

In the year 2021, the Economy of Francesco (EoF) offers an advanced online course called “The Economy of Francesco School” to explore Pope Francis’s thought, Franciscan economic roots and institutions, and some of the topics which grounded the EoF Villages. Knowledge, we believe, is one of the most important common goods we should share if we want to improve our lives together. The course will move between the realms of the already and not yet, meaning that it will offer high formation on the conceptual and practical pillars of the Economy of Francesco while remaining open to new perspectives.


MARCH 10: Mons. P. Pizzaballa - Peaces, Fides and Economy
MARCH 24: J. Nelson - Fraternity and sorority in Economics
APRIL (date to be confirmed)S. Alkire - Measurement of poverty, wellbeing, welfare
APRIL 28: G. Todeschini - Ricchezza Francescana: the roots of Franciscan economic thought
and other confirmed keynotes: R. Kashyap, A. Edmans, F. Dodoo, A. Pabst and more


  • Organizing Committee: Valentina Rotondi, Paolo Santori
  • 12 lessons around the topics of the Economy of Francesco
  • Each lesson will last one hour: 5 minutes of introduction, 30 minutes of keynote speaker’s presentation, 15 minutes of young EoF's discussion, and 10 minutes of Q & A
  • The lessons will be streamed live on the Zoom platform
  • Each seminar will start at 4 p.m. (Italian Time)
  • Guest speakers will be outstanding scholars and entrepreneurs
  • Language: English


  • Fill out and send the G-form (CLICK THE BUTTON HERE BELOW or copy/paste this URL: )
  • Registration deadline: March 1, 2021
  • The registration gives rights to: access to all the lessons hosted on zoom; chance to pose questions to the guests; private talks (whereas possible); interactive workshopsstudying materials/handouts on the topic of each lesson
  • The registration will allow to attend the whole school
  • certificate will be released to the participants who have attended at least 75% of the lessons scheduled (if required)
  • Applications for registration will be evaluated by the scientific board
  • NO participation fee


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