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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

IEDM/P 510: Foundations of an Ethical Integral Social and Economic Development

The Catholic University of America - Washington, D.C.

The course examines the ethical, social and economic vision of the Catholic Church with a view to understanding ethical issues in different approaches to international development and development intervention project management. It addresses the issues of what true human and social development are, economic and social justice, the rights of persons and of cultures, the common failings and successes of development approaches and initiatives. The course also discusses leading theoretical and ideological approaches to development, with a focus on Capabilities Approach, in connection with Catholic Social Teaching, considers the rights and obligations of workers, social and economic organizations, as well as consumers, the application of moral standards. It reviews the ethical foundations of contemporary economic systems, the moral status of the operations of corporations in developing environments, the social responsibilities of business, civil societies, and governments – and the practice of development assistance within the context of a broader ethical framework and vision.

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