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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Ms. Silvia Espinal

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  • Position: Student
  • Department: School of Education
  • Affiliation: University of Bristol, UK
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Website:
  • Biographical info: Silvia is a PhD student at the School of Education, University of Bristol (UK) where she is also a researcher affiliated to the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE, Bristol). Originally from Peru, her research themes are focused on Social Justice Education, Human Development and Globalisation & Neoliberal policies in Peru and Latin America.

Research interests:
Social Justice Education, Education and human development, Globalisation and Neoliberalism in Latin America.

Thematic Groups:
Early Career Researchers and Practitioners Network Education Foundational Issues in the Capability Approach Participatory Methods

Regional Networks:
European Network North American Network Latin American Network Southern African Network

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