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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Dr. Samba DIARRA

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  • Position: Mid-Career
  • Department: Department of Education and Research in Public Health
  • Affiliation: University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako
  • Country: Mali
  • Website:
  • Biographical info: Samba Diarra holds a doctorate in sociology from the Institut Universitaire Pédagogique de Bamako. After a master's degree in Sociology at Cheikh Anta Diop University and a master's degree in Sociology at the Faculty of Letters, Languages, Arts and Human Sciences (FLASH) in Bamako, he became interested in health issues in Africa, particularly in Mali. His research focuses on reproductive health in rural and urban Mali. Diarra has collaborated with several organizations such as UNFPA, the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the French Development Agency. In 2016, Samba Diarra was an external evaluator for the regional program to improve maternal and newborn health in four Sahelian countries (Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Republic of Mali, Republic of Niger, Republic of Chad), funded by the French Red Cross in collaboration with the French Development Agency and The Netherlands Cross Red. In 2019, it was supported by the French Red Cross Foundation to study participatory malaria prevention strategies among pregnant women in Mali. The research proposes to analyze the causes of low coverage and inequalities in this regard in order to explore, through a participatory component, possible solutions to overcome the observed obstacles. The objective of the research is to identify the drivers for better community involvement in the use of Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine (SP) among pregnant women in the rural commune of Safo. • Samba Diarra et al (2021), Knowledge, attitude, and practices to covid-19 in peri-urban community of Bamako, Mali. Revue Recherche Africaine. • Samba DIARRA et al (2019), « Problématique d’accès aux soins de santé par les migrants de retour en milieu urbain de Bamako au Mali », centre universitaire de recherche clinique, USTTB, Mali. • Samba DIARRA (2018), « Engagement communautaire pour une prise adéquate de la sulfadoxine pyriméthamine chez la femme enceinte dans la commune rurale de Safo au Mali », Thèse de doctorat en sociologie, IPU, Mali • Samba DIOP, Claudine SAUVAIN-DUGERDIL, Samba DIARRA, Nedialka DOUPTCHEVA. La montée de l’obésité dans un contexte où la dénutrition n’est pas éradiquée. Application de l’approche des Capabilités sur des données mixtes au Mali. • Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdil Thomas Antwi Bosiakoh , Samba Diarra , Anouk Piraud , Samba Diop, John Anarfi , Samuel Agyei-Mensah: “Shaping the family”: Individual’s capabilities to exercise reproductive rights seen through a qualitative survey. • Jayne Webster, Jenna Hoyt, Samba Diarra, Lucinda Manda-Taylor, George Okoth, Jane Achan, Ludovica Ghilardi, Umberto D’Alessandro, Mwayi Madanista, Simon Kariuki, Kassoum Kayentao, Jenny Hill (2020), Translation of evidence-based global policies to national level policies: intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in pregnancy and first trimester treatment in Kenya, Malawi, Mali and The Gambia. Health Policy and Planning • Jayne Webster, Kassoum Kayentao, Samba Diarra, Sory I. Diawara, Alhassane Ag Haiballa, Ogobara K. Doumbo, Jenny Hill (2013): A Qualitative Health Systems Effectiveness Analysis of the Prevention of Malaria in Pregnancy with Intermittent Preventive Treatment and Insecticide Treated Nets in Mali. PLOS ONE • Anushka Ataullahjan, PhD; Michelle F. Gaffey, MSc.; Moctar Tounkara, MD, PhD; Samba Diarra, PhD; Seydou Doumbia, MD, PhD; Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, PhD; Diego G. Bassani, PhD Conflict and Health (2020) "C’est vraiment compliqué”: a case study on the delivery of maternal and child health and nutrition interventions in the conflict-affected regions of Mali’’ BMC Conflict and Health.

Research interests:
Health, Malaria, Inegalities, Qualitative; Innovation

Thematic Groups:
Empowerment and Collective Capabilities Horizontal Inequality Participatory Methods

Regional Network:
Francophone West Africa & Madagascar Network

About Samba DIARRA

He is a research associate in social sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Education and Research in Public Health and Specialties, University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako-Mali (USTTB). He is responsible for the community engagement program at University Clinical Center of Research. He has extensive experience in qualitative field studies and analysis. His research involved socio-cultural barrier to Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Malaria for Pregnant Women (IPTp) and Seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) studies, community engagement in field trials including vector control, community acceptance studies, and genetically modified studies. He has been investigator in several qualitative and mixed studies aimed at evaluating malaria interventions. under the leadership of Pr Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdil, he participated in the project “Enhancing the Capabilities of tne most vulnerable : a pilot project on inequalities in human development in Bamako and Accra (2010-14). In this program he discovered the Capabilities Approach through Sen’s “Development as Freedom”. Since, he has been interested in the capability approach and applied it to access to health care.

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