Amartya Sen Lectures

Amartya Sen Lecture Series

amartyaThis annual lecture series celebrates Amartya Sen’s important contributions to the fields of human development and capability. It focuses on themes from Sen’s wide ranging contributions to these areas, ranging from his work on capability and freedom to his related works in areas such as democracy, development, gender, liberty, welfare, poverty, famine and social choice. The lecture takes place annually at the HDCA conference, and is supported by Taylor & Francis, the publisher of the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.

The first annual Amartya Sen Lecture was organized in 2011, at the HDCA conference taking place in The Hague, the Netherlands. These are the lectures that have so far taken place:

  • 2015: James Heckman, The University of Chicago. “Creating Flourishing Lives: The Dynamics of Capability Formation"
  • 2014: Daron Acemoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Why Nations Fail"
  • 2013: Joshua Cohen, Stanford University "m4d meets hcd" (Mobile for Development Meets Human Centered Design)
  • 2012: Eric Maskin, Princeton University. “Why Have Global Markets Failed to Reduce Inequality in Poor Countries?
  • 2011: Tony Atkinson, University of Oxford. "Public Economics after The Idea of Justice"


Watch the Videos
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Eric Maskin - 2012
Part 1: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_I.mp4
Part 2: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_II.mp4
Part 3: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_III.mp4
Part 4: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_IV.mp4
Part 6: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_VI.mp4
Part 8: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_VIII.mp4
Part 9: Maskin_HDCA_2012_Part_IX.mp4

Interview with Amartya Sen - 2012

Tony Atkinson - 2011
Part 1: Atkinson_HDCA_2011_Part_I.m4v
Part 2: Atkinson_HDCA_2011_Part_II.m4v


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