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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

WEBINAR: Capability as informational basis for work and employment politics – a European re-search experience

April 21 at 4 pm CET
Sponsored by the HDCA Work & Employment Thematic Group 

One of the opportunities our thematic network offers is to take stock of capability theories and concepts in the field of employment and work. The upcoming webinar is an exercise in such stock-taking: three members of the TG will look back on a collaborative experience in a pivotal European integrated Project. 

In CAPRIGHT (Resources, Rights and Capabilities: In search of social foundations for Europe, 2007-2010) 24 partners from 13 European countries shared their work on capability–related concepts to inform European labour policies – understood in a wide sense and comprising services and regulation in the fields of work, employment, vocational training and collective action. Five capability domains proved central in CAPRIGHT: 

-       The capability for work – at the workplace and in production, 

-       The capability for employment – in internal labour markets, in labour market policy and in interactions with the public employment service, 

-       The capability for training – both within the firm and in institutions of vocational training, 

-       The capability for work-life-balance – arbitrating the requirements of paid work and care work in the househould, 

-       The capability for voice – in all of these domains of regulation. 

“Ten years after”, Peter Bartelheimer, Jean-Michel Bonvin and Bénédicte Zimmermann look back at the conceptual “takeaway” of the CAPRIGHT network and reflect on refinements and further developments in their subsequent work. 



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