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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

RECORDING AVAILABLE: The Capability Approach and Structural Injustice

Watch the videorecording here

June 26, 2020
Panelists: Jay Drydyk, Carleton University; Serene Khader, Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center

Covid 19 has highlighted inequalities that have led to drastically different outcomes for different demographics. Some will be able to work from home, others will need to remain at work and clearly at a higher risk. In the UK people identifying as BAME have been found to be much more likely to die from the illness than their white counterparts.

In the midst of the crisis, some of the largest protests seen in the US in half a century have flared up over police violence towards black citizens. Many consider this a potential moment for change towards more just structures.

As demands for justice, and a reconstruction of social systems which are argued to reproduce injustice take place. This discussion asks how we can understand this through a capabilities lens.

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