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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

HDCA WEBINAR: Work in progress on developing measures using the CA

Presented by the HDCA’s Graduate Students’ Network

Friday, 14th December at 1600 UK time 

Please email to register your interest to attend, and the GoToMeeting joining link will be sent a few days in advance.

Three current graduate students will give short presentations on their ongoing work in this area, for 8 minutes each followed by 2 minutes for Q&A. They will end by stating 2-3 areas they are looking for help/ideas from the group (on possible approaches to problems, things to read etc.).

That should leave us c.30mins for broader discussion, where other students can also ask for advice about their own work on capability-based measures. The idea is to have a collaborative open discussion on work in progress, rather than present results.

1.      Mateus Humberto – “Measuring the CA concepts into the domain of urban mobility: capabilities, functionings and agencies in accessing schools in São Paulo”
2.      Amanda Hutcherson – “The Impact of birth supporter training on volunteer capability to undertake further study or employment.”
3.      Ian Ross – “Sanitation-related Quality of Life (SanQoL) – a capability-based outcome measure for improving economic evaluation of sanitation programmes”

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