Inside the Journal

Volume 18.1 - February, 2017
Table of Contents


Democracy, Philosophy, and the Selection of Capabilities
Morten Fibieger Byskov

Quantifying the Progress of Economic and Social Justice: Charting Changes in Equality of Opportunity in
the USA, 1960–2000
    Gordon Anderson and Teng Wah Leo

Capabilitarian Sufficiency: Capabilities and Social Justice
    Lasse Nielsen and David V. Axelsen

Introducing Joint Capabilities: Findings from a Study of Development in Honduras’ Garifuna Ancestral Villages
    Kia M.Q. Hall

The Coercive Side of Collective Capabilities: Evidence from the Bolivian Altiplano
    Rachel Godfrey-Wood and Graciela Mamani-Vargas

The Capability Threshold: Re-examining the Definition of the Middle Class in an Unequal Developing Country
    Ronelle Burger, Camren Mcaravey and Servaas Van Der Berg

Validating an Agency-based Tool for Measuring Women’s Empowerment in a Complex Public Health Trial in Rural Nepal
    Lu Gram, Joanna Morrison, Neha Sharma, Bhim Shrestha, Dharma Manandhar, Anthony Costello, Naomi     Saville and Jolene Skordis-Worrall

Book Reviews

New Approaches Towards the ‘Good Life’: Applications and Transformations of the Capability Approach. Edited by Hans-Uwe Otto and Sabine Schaefer
Reviewed by Karie Cross

After Access: Inclusion, Development, and a More Mobile Internet. Edited by Johnathan Donner
Reviewed by Marco J. Haenssgen

Human Development and Capacity Building: Asia Pacific Trends, Challenges and Prospects for the Future. Edited by Maria Fay Rola-Ruzben and John Burgess
Reviewed by Kattie Lussier