Inside the Journal

Volume 17.3 - August 2016
Table of Contents

Aspirations Symposium - 2015 HDCA Conference

Introduction: Aspiration and the Capabilities List
Martha C. Nussbaum

Aspirations and the Development Treadmill
Debraj Ray

How Do Aspirations Matter?
Caroline Sarojini Hart 324


Capabilities and Skills
James J. Heckman and Chase O. Corbin

Transformation Without Paternalism
John B. Davis and Thomas R. Wells

The Science and Politics of Infrastructure Research: Asserting Power, Place, and Agency in Infrastructure Knowledge
Candice Gartner

Ingrid Robeyns

Inequality Decomposition and Human Development
Ricardo Martínez

Book Symposium on Anthony B. Atkinson’s
Inequality: What can be Done?

Edited by David A. Clark and Shailaja Fennell

Putting Inequality in Context
Erik Schokkaert

The Costs of Inequality and the Affordability of Solutions
Stephanie Seguino

The Space of Inequalities
Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti

Multidimensional Horizontal and Global Inequality
Scott Wisor

Inequality and Public Action
Polly Vizard

Inequality and the Trade-off between Efficiency and Equity
Erik Thorbecke