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Volume 19.3 - August, 2018
Table of Contents


Development, Validity, and Reliability of the Women’s Capabilities Index
Giulia Greco, Jolene Skordis-Worrall and Anne Mills

Migrating to the City in North West China: Young Rural Women’s Empowerment
Vilma Seeberg and Shujuan Luo

Women Empowerment Th rough Self-Help Groups: The Bittersweet Fruits of Collective Apple Cultivation in Highland Ethiopia
Sintayehu Hailu Alemu, Luuk Van Kempen and Ruerd Ruben

Power, Capability and Cultural Subjects: An Inquiry into “Institutional Neglect” in Participatory Planning
Tamara Nair

Examining Collective Action Th rough the Capability Approach: The Example of Community Currencies
Felix Rauschmayer, Christine Polzin, Mirijam Mock and Ines Omann

Applying the Capability Approach to Enhance the Conceptualization of Well-being in Environmental Assessment
Nicholas Philip Simpson

A MANUSH or HUMANS Characterisation of the Human Development Index
Srijit Mishra and Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan

Book Reviews

Human Development in Times of Crisis: Renegotiating Social Justice, edited by Hans-Uwe Otto, Spyridon Pantazis, Holger Ziegler and Antoanneta Potsi
Reviewed by Annie Austin

Developing Minds: Psychology, Neoliberalism and Power, by Elise Klein
Reviewed by Lachlan Summers

Human Development and Global Institutions: Evolution, Impact, Reform, edited by Richard Ponzio and Arunabha Ghosh
Reviewed by Juan Telleria

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