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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Inside the Journal

Volume 24.2 - May 2023


Welfare poverty measurement
Antonio Villar

Participatory wellbeing frameworks and the secret to impact
Kate Sollis

Democratic Dead Spots: Local Elections and Human Development in Brazil
Brian Wampler, Natasha Sugiyama, and Michael Touchton

Knowledge, Knowers, and Capabilities: Can the Capabilities Approach Help Decolonise the Curriculum?
Daniel Talbot

Marginality and Citizenship Education in Secondary Vocational and Technical Education (VTE). A Vision from the Capability Approach
Camila Rasse and María Paola Sevilla

Policy Forum

Editorial: Human security in the Anthropocene: a new base for action
Mario Biggeri and Heriberto Tapia

Solidarity and Human Insecurity - Interpreting and Extending the HDRO’s 2022 Special Report on Human Security
Des Gasper and Oscar Gómez

Freedom from want: A critical reflection in the face of the Anthropocene
Kariuki Weru, Kehinde Balogun, and Xiaomeng Shen

Humane security: solidarity in policy and practice
Su-Ming Khoo

Universalism in healthcare for human security: policy considerations
Fathima Mohammed, Tobias Schillings, and Diego Sanchez-Ancochea

Book Reviews

  1. Citadels of Pride: Sexual Assault, Accountability and Reconciliation
    By Martha C. Nussbam
    Reviewed by Lori Keleher
  1. Migration, Development and Social Change in the Himalayas: An Ethnographic Village Study
    By Madleina Daehnhardt
    Reviewed by Kerilyn Schewel
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