Why join the HDCA?

Wondering if you should join the HDCA? Perhaps these personal stories from HDCA members will help you decide.

Registered HDCA site user versus full HDCA member

There are 3 levels of access to the HDCA website:

  • Browse the website as a visitor - not able to download publications or access member information
  • Become a subscribed user to the site - free, with limited access to publications
  • Become a full member of the HDCA - pay a nominal membership fee and have full access to publications and member listings, as well as other member benefits (such as a subscription to the Journal of Human Development & Capabilities)

The table below summarizes the benefits available at each level.
(This table is still a draft / under construction and not complete or final)

Benefit type Visitor Registered
HDCA member
Browse the site yes yes yes
Free online access as well as print subscription to the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities yes
Discount on HDCA's Routledge Human Development and Capability Debates Series yes
Join the mailing list of a thematic group yes yes
Be displayed as a thematic group member yes
Add events to the site yes
Add news to the site yes
Add job posts / funding opportunities to the site yes
Access full HDCA conference papers yes


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