European Network

The HDCA European Network aims to bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners interested in the capability approach and human development and who are working on, or in, Europe. The network supports communication and dialogue across its membership, as well as encouraging connections with fellow Regional Networks, by creating a space to develop online and in person meetings, conferences and learning events and sharing relevant updates and information. We welcome new members and encourage individuals to contact the coordinators to share their updates and to discuss possible events and activities they wish to develop. Activities taking place within this regional network include webinars related to research, policy and practice; occasional workshops on topics of interest to members and meetings and social events at the annual HDCA conference. Webinar series – Sustainability and the Capability Approach

The European Regional Network cordially invites you to join our upcoming 2024 webinar series, focussing on sustainability from the perspective of the capability approach. The first webinar, “A conceptual review of the narrative on sustainability from the perspective of the capability approach”, will be presented by Philippa Shepherd on March 21st, 13:00-14:00 CET. Find more information here!


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