Webinar: Children’s Feeling of Security – A View from the Capability Approach

July 6th, 2018
10-11am New York, 11-12am Buenos Aires
3-4pm London, 7.30-8.30pm New Delhi
Featuring Graciela Tonon, Denise Benatuil, Damián Molgaray and María Juliana Laurito

CICS-UP, Master Program in Social Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de Palermo, Argentina

This webinar shares the results of a research project conducted by the Social Sciences Research Centre (CICS-UP) of Palermo University (Argentina) dedicated to understanding and describing the views of children between 8 and 12 years old living in different contexts of the Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. Starting from the theoretical introduction on children-security and capability approach, the speakers will describe the methodological design and the results.

The webinar will be moderated by Caterina Arciprete (CO-Coordinator of the TG “Children and the Youth”)
Participants must register to participate in this webinar.
To register, visithttps://goo.gl/EQ11yS
Details on how to participate will be sent to you prior to the webinar. For any question about the webinar, please contact Caterina Arciprete at caterina.arciprete@unifi.it

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