Self-Determination for the Communication Policy in the Pacific Islands

Rieko Hayakawa, "Self-determination for the Communication Policy in the Pacific Islands," in Self-determinable Development of Small Islands, ed. Masahide Ishihara et al. (Singapore: Springer, 2016) , pp.179-202.

Thousands of islands are spread across the vast ocean which covers a third of the Earth’s surface. Telecommunication development has always presented challenges for their economical, political, and cultural development in this region.
This chapter will discuss, firstly, how telecommunication was developed in the Pacific Islands with the launching of undersea cables in the early twentieth century and how satellite communication and decolonization developed after WWII. Sec- ondly, the chapter will discuss how Pacific Island people utilize communication networks for their independent movements, even during the colonial time in Vanuatu. Thirdly, the chapter will discuss how Pacific regional organizations utilized the free satellite as a windfall of the US space development.
From these discussions, we will see that the Pacific Island people and developing countries were not merely passive recipients of telecommunication technologies and its development but were people who chose and fully utilized them for their political will for their own purposes.

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