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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. 2020 HDCA Conference – Online (Auckland, NZ)

    A very special thank you to everyone who participated in, or otherwise supported the realisation of, our 2020 HDCA Conference. Due to COVID-19 and the corresponding global need for strict social distancing, we had to shift gear and turn the conference into an all-online event. We were thrilled that it was so appealing to such a large number of presenters and audience participants, and that it went so splendidly. It was an incredible pleasure to e-meet so many fantastic people ツ

    Hopefully, many of us will have a chance to meet non-virtually again in the near future. We hear that Antwerp is a beautiful place, among other locations.

    As always, our warmest wishes from Auckland,
    Your 2020 HDCA Conference Organisers

    – – –



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    To ensure you receive news and updates, please subscribe to the email list for our 2020 event. Send a message from your email account to Make sure the subject of your email is “SUBSCRIBE 2020HDCA” (without the quotation marks), otherwise the list server will respond with an error message. Here’s a screenshot that shows what your message should look like:

    Alternatively, you can simply message the conference organisers at and they will add your address to the email list for you. The organisers are also happy to answer any conference-related questions at that address.


  2. Regional networks

    …ithin the region. At present we have colleagues based in Thailand, Indonesia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Tonga working in a number of areas including: indigenous issues, poverty, environment, participatory methods, education. Our aim is to create capability conversations within the region by organising seminars and workshops, and to establish (at some point) an annual regional capability conference. We also hope to establish develo…

  3. JHDC Call for Papers – Special Issue on Participatory Research

    “THE EPISTEMOLOGICAL BREAK: REDEFINING PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH IN CAPABILITARIAN SCHOLARSHIP”   Guest editors: Alejandra Boni INGENIO (CSIC-Universitat Politecnica de Valencia), Spain Melis Cin, Lancaster University, UK Carmen Martinez-Vargas, Higher Education and Human Development Research Group University of the Free State, South Africa Melanie Walker Higher Education and Human Development Research Group, University of the Free State, South Afri…

  4. Latin American Network: Introduction

    …y encourage all colleagues interested in this group to affiliate to the HDCA, it is possible to be added to the HDCA-LA mailing list without having an active HDCA membership. Nevertheless, access to HDCA’s important resources such as the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities is available only for people with an active HDCA membership. In the near future, the HDCA-LA will organize a number of activities ranging from the elaboration of a lis…

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