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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. JUST PUBLISHED! The Cambridge Handbook of the Capability Approach

    …t state of cutting-edge research on the capability approach. It includes a comprehensive introduction to the approach as well as new research from leading scholars in this increasingly influential multi-disciplinary field, including the pioneers of capability research, Martha C. Nussbaum and Amartya Sen. Incorporating both approachable introductory chapters and more in-depth analysis relating to the central philosophical, conceptual and theoretica…

  2. 2020 Disability Studies Conference – Auckland, NZ

    …y for many disability studies scholars, disability activists, allies and accomplices. This conference brings together theoretical, empirical and activist work on ableism, including (but not limited to) analyses of the circulation of ableist logics and practices in policy and institutional settings, explorations of ableist stereotypes and their influences on everyday living, and on-the-ground efforts to raise public consciousness and unsettle ablei…

  3. Ecological Economics conference

    …Post-growth economics 2. Natural resources, ecosystem services and environmental quality 3. Development, consumption and well-being 4. Power, politics, institutions and the reality of achieving change 5. New business models and understandings of human behaviour 6. Theory, methods and practice of ecological economics We would like to invite proposals for special sessions (deadline 15 October 2014) and abstracts (deadline 30 November 2014) relating…

  4. CfP: Workshop “Children on the Move: Philosophy and Child Migration”

    …king. Besides conceptual questions these different forms of migration also come with different challenges, risks and harms for the children. They demand differentiated solutions to protect children’s rights and needs. (b) Children migrate alone, and in company together with other family members. The dependency of (young) children on their care-givers and guardians and the particular value of and right to family unity are another area of interest….

  5. ZIF Summer School 2017 – Universität Bielefeld

    …poverty measurement and Fuzzy Set Approach Introduction to SAS Introduction to the use of EU SILC Data including missing values Fuzzy Set Approach for multidimensional poverty measurement using SAS and EUSILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) data Short presentations on the participants research projects and supervision on statistical methods and research designs by experts Participants have to cover their travel cost. Ac…

  6. TERI University – BLISS School 2016 on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

    …ized by the TERI University to train and prepare stakeholders for the forthcoming sustainable development challenges by initiating dialogue and disseminating knowledge and skills on critical issues such as environmental protection, ecological security, resource efficiency especially in a rapidly developing country like India. The overarching aim is to generate awareness and champion the cause of sustainability and sustainable development, both nat…

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