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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

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  1. WEBINAR: The Societal and Ethical Impact Canvas: a tool to support Responsible Innovation

    …issues: 1) the impact which they aim to make in society with their project, both intended, positive impacts, and unintended, negative impacts; and 2) the partners they need in order to realize this impact, and the stakeholders they need to involve. These two issues often remain implicit and are therefore not always critically examined. The Canvas is inspired by the Capability Approach: it views technologies as means towards human flourishing; and

  2. 2020 Disability Studies Conference – Auckland, NZ

    …s a key priority for many disability studies scholars, disability activists, allies and accomplices. This conference brings together theoretical, empirical and activist work on ableism, including (but not limited to) analyses of the circulation of ableist logics and practices in policy and institutional settings, explorations of ableist stereotypes and their influences on everyday living, and on-the-ground efforts to raise public consciousness and

  3. Ecological Economics conference

    …d environmental quality 3. Development, consumption and well-being 4. Power, politics, institutions and the reality of achieving change 5. New business models and understandings of human behaviour 6. Theory, methods and practice of ecological economics We would like to invite proposals for special sessions (deadline 15 October 2014) and abstracts (deadline 30 November 2014) relating to these topics. For more information and abstract submission see…

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