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Publishing Opportunity – International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life

Proposals are now being accepted for the International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life.
The International Handbooks of Quality of Life Research offer extensive bibliographic resources. They present literature reviews of the many sub-disciplines and areas of study within the growing field of quality of life research. Handbooks in the series focus on capturing and reviewing the quality of life research literature in specific life domains, on specific populations, or in relation to specific disciplines or sectors of industry. In addition, the Handbooks cover measures of quality of life and well-being, providing annotated bibliographies of well-established measures, methods, and scales.

Series Editor
Graciela Tonon, Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora and Universidad de Palermo, Argentina

Editorial Board
Alex Michalos, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
Rhonda Phillips, Purdue University, USA
Don Rahtz, College of William & Mary, USA
Dave Webb, University of Western Australia, Australia
Wolfgang Glatzer, Goethe University, Germany
Dong Jin Lee, Yonsei University, Korea
Laura Camfield, University of East Anglia, UK

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